Member Testimonials

I have always had a fantasy about “play” and I found a man willing to experiment with me. He had done it once or twice and it was amazing. He set it up where I went to the store and he hid in the back of my car. When I pulled away, he had me pull into an abandoned alley where he “forced” me to get out of the car. He then grabbed me and slammed me against the bricks where he ripped my clothes off and pressed me hard so I couldn’t move. He pulled his pants down and penetrated my wetness with his huge manhood. It lasted for about 45 minutes, and felt better than any sex I have ever had before in my life. I strongly suggest women give it a try. It only works if you trust the man who’s doing it and you sit down and discuss it many times prior. But I promise ladies… You will never experience a more erotic orgasm as you will with this! Take it from me, I had several!


I joined AFF a few months ago. I’ve been on a few adult websites in the past and I’ve always been very disappointed with the service. When I joined AFF I was expecting a similar experience.

After the early reservations I can honestly say I think the website is absolutely brilliant. I love watching the live webcam shows and the webcam introductions. There's nothing hotter than watching real people having sex and it's much better than watching the fake looking porno movies.

I've also met my first lady from here recently and she was an absolute stunner, very attractive, extremely horny and a lovely person as well. We are planning future meets and we're hoping to fulfill a few more of our fantasies.


Both of us were seeking something. We had been in relationships in the past that just were not quite what we were looking for. Each of us had profiles on Adult Friend Finder for some time and had met the occasional 'hook-up'. Neither of us gave up the search and found each other on AFF. As a matter of fact, we only lived 8 miles apart. Wow what luck! Both being sexual people, we wanted to be in open and honest relationship sharing our desires and fantasies.

What we were searching for we eventually found here. Lostgirl66 met nceastpower. We got married a year after our first meeting and now live happily together as AndyLisa66. We still use AFF occasionally to search for like-minded couples. YES this works if you are open, honest and give it a chance. Andy and Lisa


I started on Adult FriendFinder as a single and played a bit with couples. Within the first few months I decided to meet my first single guy.

The member ‘Vooboo’ was straight to the point, and his testimonials sold me! We met for NSA and it was amazing!!! I have never had a sexual experience where I felt like I connected with my partner mind, body and soul like we did on the first meet. We continued to see each other and have now lived together for almost two years.

It seemed logical to swing as a couple and he took me to my first swinger party. Haven’t looked back since! We are members at two local swing clubs, and have met some of the best people ever!!! We have attended hotel parties and swinger camp outs and I have lived out many of my fantasies, with many more to come. :) The swinger community on a whole is so open, free, and welcoming, love all of you and look forward to the many more friends that we will meet! ;) xo


This is my first article, more to follow but I couldn't cut and paste as recommended!! Hints on ‘How to become a successful AFF member for Men!’ I’ve met more than my fair share of wanna-bes, has been’s and sex gods and I’ve learned many lessons, now I’ve decided that perfection exists, I just need to narrow down those false profiles!! To enable you to become successful I thought I’d give you some free advice. Don’t lie about anything. It‘s the worst turn off and not advisable if you want to reach second base, this includes - Your age, whether your older or younger Your height, come guys, you will get found out If you are married, we can tell, whether it’s from the ring mark or the band aid on your finger, or the neatly ironed shirt Use your dictionary when writing your profile, maybe even your thesaurus, intellect doubles your chances Breath in when you take your pics, ok sorry, maybe you already are And rethink wearing those baggy yellow undies, yuk, not a turn on for anyone, surely? As for smoking, if you say you don’t smoke then make sure that you don’t, it’s gross to those who don’t like it. For you to create the perfect profile, don’t leave your vital statistics as “Prefer Not To Say’, this usually means that you have something to hide, especially if it is to do with how well-endowed you are. Honesty makes you enticing; dishonesty makes you a no go. If you try to contact someone and she doesn’t reply then take the hint, she isn’t interested. Please don’t play games, if you say you want to meet then make sure that you have the courage to commit. Be positive and talk about the future and how exciting it is about to become. And don’t forget, everyone loves to be complimented!!


I have to tell you that I had great success on this site! I have met so many wonderful guys over the past few years, but I made a connection with one in particular.

He first emailed me around my birthday. We met in person just to say Hi and see if there was a connection. It was a great time and we talked and enjoyed each other’s company.

We then met up again this time for the good stuff (wink). We have been together ever since--in February of 2010 it will be 3 years that I have been with him and I have AFF to thank for that!

AFF has given me so many other memories that are amazingly awesome and a few that were too funny to forget! I have still a few friends from here that I keep in contact with and we chat and see how the other is doing.

Thanks AFF for being a great outlet for me and giving me some great memories!!!


Where to start with our Adult FriendFinder experiences? I guess at the beginning would be the best place. Before ClubSexyCool, all the parties, and before Penthouse owned AFF, when it was only The World’s Best Sex site rather than the World’s Best Sex AND Swingers Site!

Eight years ago she was WetWildandHot75 and I was Ohhhhhhhhyeaa. I was browsing through the PA/TriState chat room talking to friends when she suddenly popped in to the room. I sent her an IM and we began chatting. After chatting a few times in the chat room we decided to finally meet each other. She came to see the band play that weekend and we had an awesome erotic time. It was great to already know that we were 100% compatible sexually before we even met.

Soon after we changed our screen name to SexyCoolToy and began to really get into the Adult FriendFinder webcams along with taking and posting erotic pictures on the site. We also started to host the ClubSexyCool swinger’s parties together in the area and changed our name to be more identifiable. This last year we got married Huge Swingers Steelers Yacht Wedding party in Baltimore with all of our Sexy AFF friends! What a great time!

The lesson is to never give up on here! You never know when you’re going to get lucky! It took me two years looking and she finally ‘popped’ into my life right here in a chat room! It’s so much more fun than on those ‘vanilla’ sites you see advertised all over the place.


“WOW, what a site! After realizing how to take some good pictures-- and of course, use my brain (LOL)-- to make a good profile, I was able to really impress couples as well as single women. The rest was history. :)

Adult FriendFinder is truly worldwide and then only site that has worked for me and most people I have met with and known as friends here. Worth the money ten times over! Hope to hear from everyone soon!


We hooked up with an absolutely wonderful couple just 16 days after signing up. (We would have met sooner, except for our schedules.)

They were both sooo sexy and it was our first time playing with another couple, they made us feel right at home...

We came in, and made small talk for a while... then the girls started petting... next thing you know... shirts were off... then everyone was naked.

It was a VERY steamy night... we did things you only see in XXX movies... it was AMAZING!

I think what really made it work for us was that we e-mailed them a few times to talk about the kinks we had in common.. what we might all enjoy doing together... Then we called them on the phone to set the date. We talked for about 45 min so we all were very comfortable. And we set a date for that weekend.

Our advice for any couples out there looking for their first couple experience is to talk to your partner first… get clear on what you two are looking for and where your boundaries are for your first time. Remember you can always do more next time... but you can't take it back... So go slow.. you both want to make sure there IS a NEXT TIME.

And equally important you need to talk with the couple you're meeting to make sure that they understand where you're at that first time, and that you know what they expect.

It's really all about expectations... if everyone knows what to expect you'll ALL have a great time.

Have fun! xoxoxo


We just a great night with a standard member. They are people too. Hey we all started at the same place. Do not forget where u came from and everything should work. Anyway, she made a long drive to our house on her own behalf. Met her at the store round corner and led her home. Once home, she was cool and true to her words. Things started poppin’ immediately.

We walked into the bedroom, stripped, kissed, nibbled, and sparks flew every direction. We all tried to wear each other out with endurance. Before I knew it, two hours had passed. She was slim and sexy, the sweetest chocolate you could ask for. Her and my wife worshipped my dick for who knows how long. I made both women cum repeatedly from my oral sex. Wow, what a good time.


I noticed him in my local chartroom here on this site. We were both looking for fun only, but it grew into something more special as time went by. Turns out we really wanted the same things out of life. We are now engaged, very happy and still in the lifestyle. The big day is in December, four years from the day we met.


Aloha! Where do I start? There are so many positive things I can say... but one that sticks out. It has renewed my and my wife’s sex life in a grand way. We have met new friends we call ‘new friends with benefits’. It has brought back a spark in our life.

Side order note, if more people join Adult FriendFinder, there would be less divorces. Remember, there are three causes of divorce: sex, money and boredom. My wife and I at first were a little reluctant to join, but after meeting a lot of AFF cast members, we learned that these people for one are well educated, fun, and very friendly! Sometimes I wish I could introduce Adult FriendFinder to our vanilla friends. Thank you, AFF!



I met the man of my dreams off this web-site back in August 2007. I was under the profile lonelyandho2007 and he was nrthgaguy60. We met when I noticed he had previewed my profile and didn’t speak; so I spoke to him. We talked a few days online and on the phone. We finally met up about 2 weeks after speaking to each other and it was instant for me, but took him a bit. You know men have to be hard asses when it comes to love. Well we started dating after we met and now here we are over a year later and we are still going strong. Every day that we are together is better than the last. The sex we have is amazing and yes each time is better and more passionate than the last. We have finally decided to give the swinging lifestyle a try. Our motto is if you play together you stay together. We have to say that we are very happy that we signed onto AFF. We are looking forward to many more experiences through AFF.


For my success story I have met someone special his name is Brandon. We talked for about a month or then we decided to meet and see where it would lead. At first we did not want to be more then friends with the often met up on the side. As time went on know something was different about him and had to see what would happen if we would become a couple. Must say I am the happy more happy then I have been in a while. We are looking forward to meet couples now and can’t wait to find some good clean fun and make good friends.


I’m writing to say thanks Adult FriendFinder! After my marriage ended, I had pretty much given up on finding someone to share my life with. Someone who was not only personally compatible, but sexually compatible as well. I know, looking for a soul mate on a site that’s primarily used for sexual liaisons doesn’t seem all that bright. But, I decided to give it a try anyway. I’d looked at a few ads before I found hers. To make a long story short, her ad looked like I could have written it. (If I were a girl, anyway.) Even her sexual preferences were so close to mine it was almost scary. We e-mailed back and forth a few times, and then I broke the rules and sent her my phone number. When she called, we hit it off immediately. I knew she was originally from Georgia, so I asked why she talked so funny; did she have a speech problem? When she laughed at my goofy and tasteless joke, I knew I had found someone special. When we finally met, the chemistry was evident. We hit it off in all ways, and felt like we had known each other forever. I won’ go into detail about the sexual part of our new relationship. I’ll save that for the erotic stories section of this magazine. Suffice it to say that I’ve never met someone that I’ve connected with on so many levels, in and out of the bedroom... I truly feel that I’ve found the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, and sometime in 2010, she’ll be moving in with me and I’ll make this sweet, beautiful woman my wife. So thanks again Adult FriendFinder, and Nae Nae, I’m yours, and I Love You!


My girlfriend and I met on AFF back in February. We were both looking for "friends with benefits" and would have been happy to find nothing more than that. What we actually found was our ideal partner and best friend.

We can't get enough of each other, have a great time no matter what we’re doing, enjoy the same things, and our sex life is absolutely phenomenal! We can talk about anything and have explored many fantasies that we never thought we could.

Now we have a profile on here together as a couple, and were looking forward to fulfilling even more of our fantasies, with the help of some new friends. Adult FriendFinder definitely worked for us as singles; but we both agree, it's way more fun as a couple!!

Thanks, Matt & Renee


I have found two wonderful females through AFF. One was a damn hot house wife (27 yrs) and the other one a student (23 yrs). Loved both. Both are from decent families and extremely genuine females. Really happy with the results.


I’m a constantly traveling biz exec and I use Xmatch to find new friends in places where I frequently travel or will stay for an extended period. I have met many great couples and single women for fun and keep friendships to this day with many of them. It seems Hong Kong and Atlanta couples are great fun.

I often get 100’s of messages and emails from other users. If you didn’t get a reply from me it’s usually for one of the following reason (Guys especially take note):

  1. You have not read my profile- Unlike some I did not write a lengthy profile but I clearly state my preference in type of person I want to meet (i.e. no guys). Take time to read a profile before quickly emailing someone just based on pictures. For people who think they can magically "change my mind," if i am interested in you, I will contact you personally.
  2. You want to meet immediately- I travel a lot for work and buy stating you want to meet right away or immediately I will usually overlook it as chances are I am not in town. If i have interest I MIGHT reply when back.
  3. You provide no information- Users (myself included) often want to know something about you before replying. Just sending me a simple short message with contact information or a one liner gets moved quickly to trash.

For those that do provide meaning contact and have received a response, I have 99.9% of the time enjoyed our meetings, drinks, and fun. I look forward to new friends from Xmatch. A girl can be wild when she wants, and hopefully i will be traveling to a town near you soon.


I have had four personal encounters thanks to AFF! All were great but one really was outstanding! A female member was moving from my hometown and wanted to meet for fun before she left. Upon arriving at her home I was greeted by her girlfriend, and her husband. They invited me in, we had drinks, small talk, then another female showed up. No lie! After her arrival the party started!!! I have had a blowjob from 2 women but never 3, man it was great! Three heads in your lap passing your cock around like candy makes you feel like king of the world! Her husband and I did a DP on his wife while the other women had fun together. Then we switched partners back and forth for a while. I was hitting one doggy style when her friend licked my balls, (WOW) not much to say after that! By the way, all three had great tasting pussies, and loved to moan and verbalize. Then to top it off all three swallowed! It was a great time for all, and I owe it to Adult

Friend Finder! Looking forward to more encounters. I'll keep you posted.

Later, Merc


Hi Everyone,

We received a request for a story about how our adventures have gone since joining AFF a few years ago. We thought we’d share and possibly give some advice for those who need it.

For starters, as a couple trying to find a single hot female to play is very hard. We live in a small town and that makes it even worse. You pretty much hit the lottery if you find a hottie that doesn’t want to bring her "Hottie". We eventually moved to F2F with couples and have had some luck. The problem with most couples will be that they want it all in one night. If you truly like the people you are writing give them time to reach the point you’re at. We have found couples we probably would have gone all the way with given a few "Light" encounters.

We have met some wonderful people and some not so wonderful people. The key is to get to know them before you meet. Text, e-mail and talk if possible and make your meeting somewhere safe, especially if you’re single. Patience is the best virtue you could have in this lifestyle and with it come some very lasting memories.

For single guys. Yes, it can happen. We have done MFM before and had a blast with it, but along with the cock pix you need to also have good face shots. Ballcap, sunglasses will not get you anywhere! A woman needs to see what she’s welcoming into the bedroom. Use websites like Picnik to edit and make your pix better, most of the pix we post have been edited slightly for effect (We’re photo bugs!) Other than the pix, please above all else do not send idiotic messages. One liners like "Hey baby! Can I eat that pussy?" are not only an instant turn off, but also instantly deleted! Be intelligent and funny and make it short and sweet. Express interest and see what happens! Also, be prepared for rules, things like protected sex, or non-kissing on the face are sometimes normal and expected. Trying to break those rules are a major turn off and will not get you invited back.

Our overall experiences on AFF have been positive, but it’s been an adventure with a few pitfalls along the way. We hope this has helped a little and also that you find your wildest fantasies and make them a reality on AFF!



Tonight I went out to a club in Barcelona alone. I’m not really looking for a boyfriend, but I wouldn’t mind finding someone I like to have a few good laughs and some great sex with. I walked around the club until 3am and although I found a guy I like, I didn’t have the nerve to approach him. So I left the club feeling a bit frustrated and on the way to my car a different guy approached me and asked if I was from around here. I told him that yes, I am from here and he asked if I would like to go home with him. I told him I’m not that easy and we should instead meet up on the beach one night to have a drink and chat. As luck would have it, his car was parked right behind mine which was so funny because Barcelona is such a big city. When we arrived at our cars I asked him for his number and explained that I would like to call him as I am going through a divorce and am not ready for casual sex with someone who’s name I don’t even know yet. He replied that it’s now or never, so I put my cell phone away and said well then it’s never but I like how he approached me because it raised my self esteem. I feel that for that one should be worth it and I am not.


In March of 2007 I decided to relocate to California from Arkansas. I was a gold member on AFF, with the handle ‘sexybiker24’ and it was about 6 months before my move and decided it would be great to meet some ladies in my soon to be new home. The day I searched the first profile that came up was ‘thisgirlforfun.’ She was very attractive, that was what caught my eye first. I read her profile and thought she was a class or two over me, we were a perfect match according to AFF, except the distance, however I continued to search.

I sent letters to four or five other ladies, as I was signing off I looked at ‘this girl for fun’ profile one more time and thought what the hell, so I sent her an email. The next day I had only one reply and it was ‘thisgirlforfun’! We began communicating by e-mail. We got to know each other’s sexual desires as well as each other’s families and careers. She was a VP and I thought way out of my league. Then after a few weeks of writing, we decided on the same night we wanted to hear each other’s voice so I called her. It was then we knew we had to meet, so I arranged for her to fly to Arkansas and meet. We hit it off almost immediately, there was a moment or two at the airport with the feeling of uh-oh what have I done. We spent an enchanting four days together, wrapped in an erotic fantasy that was out of this world. I had planned on showing her the sites of NW Arkansas, but we went one place and then spent the next three and a half days in bed.

When I moved to California in August we continued to spend a lot of time together. She was my tour guide, which is what I said I wanted in my letters. In November we moved in together and then in 2009 we got married on the beach. We make love every day, and twice on Sundays. We are a sexual match, she is erotic and sensual in every way you can imagine, she is my soul mate. We are expanding our eroticism by meeting other couples on AFF. Looking to expand our already fanfuckingtastic sex life. We enjoy telling friends how we met, right away they think it was a vanilla dating site, we like seeing their facial expressions when we tell them it was Thank you AFF for allowing us to meet from 1700 miles away! Mike & Kim


He had emailed me and I was a bit nervous to answer him. So I took the chance and we IM'd for about two weeks before we finally met at a meet & greet in our town. I had gotten cold feet after that for about a week and then started talking to him again.

We started spending more and more time together with his son and my two children. We have been inseparable since then. We moved in together back in October. He proposed on Christmas day. Of course I said 'yes'!!! We now are getting ready for our new arrival due in June and a wedding shortly to follow after that.

The only way I would have met this man is through this site. Thank you!


Being on Adult Friend Finder has opened many new doors for me- and was the portal for me to meet a rather amazing person, with whom I have fabulous chemistry with-it began with many chats, eventually leading to several meetings, where we were able to explore each other, in very passionate, creative, uninhibited ways. Not only did I connect with an extremely intelligent, passionate, sexy lover, but I also made a friend for life. Without Adult Friend Finder, this would never have happened. We were able to connect on many different levels, without the restraints and barriers, which are so commonly present in the outside world- sharing private, erotic thoughts, ideas, and dreams... tapping in to our deep, sensual sides...sharing and taking sexy photos and videos...creating and nurturing an intensely erotic friendship, without any outside pressures or expectations...thank you Adult Friend Finder, for making this all possible!


I met the most wonderful man on this site. We talked by e-mail, phone, text for about a month before meeting. He travelled 1100 miles to visit me for 4 days and we fell in love. We had both given up on ever finding love again, but thanks to this site giving us the opportunity to meet each other, I have no doubt we will be one of its greatest success stories and I will forever be grateful to AFF. We had each met and corresponded with others on here that didn’t work out for one reason or another. And then the man of my dreams walked through my door and it’s going to be a "happily ever after," never ending love story.

~SouthernGirl1955 & ihaveabigheart

I came here to make friends with benefits all around the UK in places I love. But you can’t live everywhere at once! I’ve done this and the list is still growing. Everyone I’ve met will be a lifetime friend. Some pretty special people on this site :)


I’m tangerineroses, I have been a member on AFF for a while. Don’t get me wrong I have met a lot of wonderful people on the site. Some of it was good and some was bad. I had given AFF a break for a while then signed back up. I never thought that I would anyone where I was from, but anything is possible. In July of 2009 I got asked out by this one guy from the site. I didn’t know if I would do it or not but said what the heck.

Well I met up with this guy who was local, and well since I met him I have been with him since. It has been seven months now, and guess what he enjoys everything that I do. Camping, fishing, hunting, we agree on everything. I do have to say this site is a great way to meet someone. I wouldn’t trade this guy in for anyone. We continue to find out things we both enjoy.

Hey just keep trying like I did. You never know what you will find. I know I found what I am looking for. There is always someone out there for someone. You just have to keep looking and have faith like me.

Well I do wish all of you all the luck in the world… You’ll find the one like me.

Take care and keep the search on


Happy ending and a new beginning, after the end of my first marriage I was devastated and thought that I would never find companionship and love again. I drank to excess to deaden the pain which only made things worse.

I had a couple of unfortunate tangles with unsympathetic lovers who laughed at my alcohol induced impotence which made things worse and for a few years I did not even try to meet those of the opposite sex and while I tried a few same sex encounters those too were unsatisfying.

I was diagnosed with extreme depression and anxiety after answering an advert in a national newspaper and with some helpful therapy and a light medication I was encouraged to get back into the dating scene. The dating scene was full of girls and women who were looking for full time partners and that weren’t what I was after. I found AFF when looking for free porn on the net and I had nothing else to lose, so I became a member and upgraded to GOLD for a while. I met a couple of mature women and found out that I had nothing to worry about, after the first couple of encounters my sexual function returned with a vengeance and I was sleeping and fucking with every-one I could as often as I could.

One day I started to flirt on line with some-one who had not posted a photo and became intrigued with their quick wit and repartee, and we agreed to meet. CC turned out to be a BBW and I decided that we’d be physical and I’d not see her again, but it was one of the best nights of my life certainly one of the best blow-jobs and best of all I had not laughed so much in years. We saw each other a few times after that, sex was good and got better too and after we had been seeing each other on week-ends for a while I stopped chasing other women and we started a relationship. This relationship lasted for a while and one day I realized that she had slipped under or through the brick wall I’d built around myself and I fell in love again. We were married 2 years ago and we are still in love and fucking like rabbits every chance we get. I could not be happier; an immediate sexual attraction is probably the best basis for a lasting relationship I can think of. Thank you all at AFF


"All the locals in the Ontario Chat room know OUR story, but many others may not - please let us share...

We met in the Ontario chat room - I avoided him. He sent emails - I deleted them unanswered. We met at an AFF meet & greet - I avoided him; even though I knew we'd be together... We got back online; I still avoided him; still deleted him until he sent his # - then I didn't reply, I called. We met and had 3 dates. On the 3rd date, I threw him down, ripped his clothes off and quite literally; "forced" him. 18 months later we are still together, still very much in love, still happy, still in the same bed, and now living together for 7 months. There is no end planned, ever.

My profile is not the average profile; he is not your average guy. But you provide a service which can only be appreciated if it is used properly & taken advantage of fully; I’m very glad I took the risk and did that. I think he is too.

We keep the separate profiles in homage to your help & so we can let people know & see, 2 singles can & do become 1 couple thanks to your assistance, because we think others should know it does work. So; I’d LOVE to brag for AFF - I think the possibility here is phenomenal, but most of the users completely miss the point; I’d love to help them see what is offered.

And hey, My guy would too! His profile ID is GS007Brit. Talk soon!